‘Knives Out’ Review: A Dastardly Delicious Caper

Knives Out is an impeccably constructed film enhanced by fantastic performances from the ensemble (especially Daniel Craig). Writer/Director Rian Johnson gets his inspiration from Agatha Christie but blazes his own trail in a tale of deception, double-cross, and duplicitous acts. If anything, Knives Out is a bit of a perfect storm. The ideal script with the perfect cast more times than not leads to great results. One thing I will urge everyone to do is to stay away from many of the trailers if possible. If your goal is having the best experience watching Knives Out, going in blind is a nonnegotiable (trust me you’ll thank me later).

Knives Out

While it did seem as if the cast was having a fantastic time filming this release, I would have to imagine that Chris Evans and Daniel Craig likely had the most fun of all. Evans plays Ransom Drysdale, and if ever there was a polar opposite of Steve Rogers, it’s this guy Craig plays detective Benoit Blanc, and it was if this over the top Frenchmen was ripped out of a classic Christie novel. If there were a breakout star from the film, it would be Ana de Armas. Armas plays Marta, who ends up helping Blanc due to her unique affliction.

As for the premise of the film, all I’ll share is that it centers around the investigation of Harlan Thrombey’s death. Knives Out was a joy to watch and so much fun to experience with a large group.

'Knives Out' Review

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