‘Watchmen’ Season One Episode Three Review: Answers!

While the third episode of Watchmen seemed to come out of “left field,” we did experience a layer of the show being peeled away. Jean Smart was introduced, and a connection between her character and Jeremy Irons’s character was discussed. Overall the episode seemed brisk but was so full of background story that fans might want to rewatch episode 3 because you could miss something. Here are big three moments that stood out to me.

3. A Federal Agent With A Past


Federal agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) is not only brought into Tulsa to investigate the death of chief Judd Crawford, but we also find out that she is connected to the very thing she seems to Loathe, superheroes. It also is revealed that she was once involved with no other than Dr. Manhattan. The show seems to be dropping a ton of hints about the good doctor. Could he be making a house call in season one?

2. What is he up to?


We find out that the lord of the manor is Adrian Veidt, and someone or something is imprisoning him. He seems to be spending a long time trying a build a type of suit. Why is he going to all this trouble? Could he be planning an escape?

1. Could This Be Our Villian?


If so, I certainly would be thrilled with where Watchmen is headed.

'Watchmen' Episode 3
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